Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot is one of the very first things people notice about your company, church, school, or organization. In addition to being nicely paved and well-maintained, your parking lots should also be well-designed and striped for easy use. Here at Strictly Striping, we promise to give you the best parking lot striping services in the Columbia, SC area as well as the South Eastern US. When we’re finished, your parking lot will have a professional and clean look.

So why is parking lot striping so important? Over time, your parking lot markings will fade. If your parking spaces aren’t clearly marked or easily visible, it could create a dangerous situation for your visitors. It can also keep traffic from flowing smoothly.  Keep drivers and pedestrians safe and give them a smooth experience at your facility by using a professional parking lot striping service. An added bonus is that your parking lots will look clean and attractive.

We can take care of all phases of parking lot striping jobs. This includes directional arrows, stenciling of numbers or words, painting of curbs, installation of speed bumps and parking bumpers, and much more. We use only the best products, like Sherwin Williams traffic paints, so you’ll get long-lasting results. We also understand and adhere to all ADA codes. You’ll be confident that your property is under compliance and is as accessible as possible for all of your customers, visitors, and guests.

Our services are available for both new and existing properties. If you’re building a new facility, adding a location, or developing a retail or residential area, call us for assistance. We’re happy to help you design your parking lots for maximum efficiency. We also offer restriping services for older lots.

No matter why you call us, you’ll get affordable pricing and quality work. Every customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It’s just one of the reasons why Strictly Striping has become one of the best parking lot services in the Southeastern US. Call us for a fast response any day of the week.